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   International Workshop: Imaging and manipulating molecular orbitals.
   AtMol conference series 2012
   Berlin-Germany. September 24-25, 2012
Organised by:
Fritz Haber Institute - Max Planck Gesellschaft
Phantoms Foundation
Scope of the workshop

Real space imaging of the electronic cloud of a single atom or molecule is now of prime importance in the field of quantum information transmission, manipulation and storage and in the field of single molecule mechanics. One can also be simply interested by the intramolecular electronic and magnetic phenomena inside a single molecule.
This workshop will bring together groups from all around the world which are working on the theory or the experimental recording of the electronic cloud of a single atom or molecule and when possible its description and detail experimental capture on the basis of the molecular orbitals concept. Manipulation techniques to change the spatial distribution or quantum properties of those by interacting with this single molecule will also be discussed. It will be the occasion to celebrate the first recording of the image of a single molecule by E. Muller 60 years ago.
Confirmed speakers

S. Godlewski (AtMol, Jagellonian University), L. Gross (IBM-Zurich), O. Guillermet (AtMol, CNRS-CEMES), M. Képénékian (AtMol, CIN2), M.Koshino (AIST-Tsukuba), C. Krull (ICN), C. Manzano (AtMol-IMRE), P. Moriarty (AtMol, Nottingham University), C. Nacci (FHI-MPG), M. Portais (AtMol- CNRS-CEMES), M. G. Ramsey (Graz University), F. Remacle (Université de Liège), M. Rezeq (Khalifa University), M. Rontani (CNR-NANO, Research Center S3), P. Salieres (IRAMIS CEA), W.Y. Soe (AtMol-IMRE), M. Verot (ENS, Lyon).
Abstracts Booklet
Workshop 2012
More Info
Invitation to Speak (Delegates)

This workshop is open for contributors in the fields of single atom and molecule atomic and molecular orbitals imaging using for example the FEM, TEM, PE, Attosecond Tomography, NC-AFM or LT-UHV-STM instruments. Experimental demonstrations of a technical way to manipulate reproductively single orbitals on a single molecule are also welcome. Contributors to the field of image calculations and interpretations for all the above mentions microscopy or techniques are also invited to contribute. Interested participants can submit a one-page abstract before June 30, 2012. Accepted talks to be notified first week of July - More info

This event will take place at the Seminaris CampusHotel (Berlin, Germany): September 24-25, 2012 - More info

  • Christian Joachim (CEMES/CNRS, France)
  • Leonhard Grill (Fritz Haber Institute - Max Planck Gesellschaft, Germany)
  • Antonio Correia (Phantoms Foundation, Spain)
  • Anne-Laure Allain (CEMES/CNRS, France)
  • Philip Moriarty (University Nottingham, UK)
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